disABILITY Summit

The Texas Diversity Council is pleased to announce the Seventh Disability Track during the Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference.

The purpose of this summit is to educate and bring awareness to the growing need to incorporate individuals with disabilities into the diversity programs and initiatives of all organizations. In recent years the pool of individuals with a disability has increased exponentially. The audience participating in this summit will benefit from leading experts in this field in our community. There will be three powerful sessions within the summit to provide resources and best practices!

Achieving disABILITY Equality in Today’s Workplace
April 19, 2017

Chair: Trisha Cantu and William Glenn


Experiential Learning Exercises For Teaching Employment Equality and Diversity

This interactive session focuses on sharing perspectives of subject matter experts in integrating the inclusion of people with disabilities into various aspects of business organizations. Key concepts will be demonstrated through experimental learning exercises to exemplify the experience of different disabilities in the workplace with the goal of getting disability included as a valued part of overall diversity efforts.

Tapping into the Talents of all Workers, Including the Differently-Abled

In the past, the term diversity was most often used to refer to attributes such as race, gender, age, and religion. However, by fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion and creating an appreciation of all individual capabilities, organizations can benefit even more. The unique attributes and experiences of the nation's largest growing minority--individuals with disabilities--can enhance an organization's competitive edge and help retain a workforce of people who know how to confront challenges daily. Hear what the Johnson Space Center did to create an environment of inclusion and engage its workforce. Learn what steps they took, including benchmarking industry best practices, partnering with academia, providing relevant training and tapping into their own innovative culture to help become a more collaborative agency while valuing its entire workforce.

Key Take-Aways

  • How employees, specifically those with disabilities, can help their organization create a more accommodating experience for all employees
  • Ways that organizations can tap into the insights and perspectives of all employees
  • How to help management understand the impact of diversity and inclusion and create accountability moving forward

HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®)

Approved for 1.5 General Recertification Credit Hours toward PHR, SPMR GPHR recertification and through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

Contact Laura Alvarado at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.