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  • Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference

Talent & Recruiting Bootcamp

Diversity on Demand: Implementing Inclusive Recruiting & Talent Management Strategies

Date: April 30th 2014. 9am - 3pm.

Break out of the Diversity for Compliance Box! In tough economic times, it is imperative to quickly develop and implement more comprehensive and inclusive talent management processes as a key component of human capital and workforce diversity strategies. According to a McKinsey Global Talent Management Survey, companies who were able to ensure a consistent talent management process and achieve cultural diversity, were 71% more likely to achieve a top-third rank in financial performance.


The overarching goal of the workshop is to help participants break out of the diversity for compliance box, to implement more effective diversity recruiting and "real-time" talent management processes strategically aligned with business goals and objectives. As an added bonus, participants will learn the fundamentals of inclusion, strategic workforce planning, forecasting, predictive analytics, and ROI as tools to influence change.

Benefits & Outcomes:

In the Diversity on Demand™ Workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Make a connection between the organization's mission, and vision for inclusion and changing workforce conditions;
  • Isolate strengths and areas of talent risk, including gaps in the talent and leadership pipeline;
  • Describe leading practices in diversity recruiting, talent management, and employee engagement;
  • Create and implement the best business value proposition for workforce diversity and inclusion;
  • Develop a Strategic Workforce Inclusion Plan and optimize talent management strategies to better serve their employees, leaders, and customers!
  • And more!

Note: Each participant will receive a "how to" guide (Diversity on Demand Play Book™) complete with resources needed to implement an effective diversity recruiting and talent management process for their organization and an invitation to the join the Diversity on Demand Recruiting Consortium.


Red Registration fee - $199 plus a $3 processing fee